The Regional Specialized Centre for Medical Rehabilitation "Chusovkoye Lake"

was the first in the Sverdlovsk Region to implement the concept of the complete medical cycle, based
on the idea of transferring patients after major surgeries on the heart and blood vessels, after neurosurgical
operations and acute conditions relief for early rehabilitation from hospital to another hospital.
In addition, the centre accepts patients for treatment after myocardial infarction, stroke, brain injuries and spinal

The multidisciplinary team of doctors, consisting of 6-8 specialists of different profiles, is constantly operating
in our centre. Our approach allows to create an individual treatment or rehabilitation program based on the
achievements of evidence-based medicine for every patient.

A future of highly effective therapy is the use of a large complex of therapeutic measures:

- use of more than 35 methods of physical rehabilitation by classical and proprietary methodologies,
including waterpool exercises;
- application of more than 50 hardware physiotherapeutic methods of treatment;
- use of modern drug therapy;
- dynamic observation of all processes in patient's body during therapy with the help of modern
methods of functional and laboratory diagnostics.

The effectiveness of the approach is evidenced by the fact that 83% of patients after cardiac surgeries
and more than 50% after neurosurgical operations return to professional work.

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